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​Fire Damage
Smoke Damage
Water damage
Hurricane Damage
Plumbing leaks
Frozen Pipes
Toilet overflows
Tub overflows
Roof leaks
Roof Shingles blown off by wind

Wind damage
Heater puff backs
Weight of snow, ice or sleet
Melted or damaged siding
Water StainsType your paragraph here.

Cracked ceramic tile

Get an edge on your insurance claim.

Castle Public Adjusters

Castle Public Adjusters 

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Castle Public Adjusters are hired to estimate, negotiate and settle property losses to your home or business. By preparing and presenting claims to your insurance company Castle can assure you the maximum compensation possible for your property loss.

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Replacement cost

You wouldn't go to court without a lawyer and you shouldn't deal with your insurance company without an expert on your side.

Our fee​

A percentage of the settlement amount is paid to Castle.  Fee percentages depend on  the size and situation of the claim.  At Castle we feel it benefits you if we do not quote our fee percentage until we have a chance to see the size and situation of the loss. 
Remember we don't collect a fee
​until your insurance company compensates you.